• Language, Literacy & Numeracy

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  • Task 1 – Reading, Writing, Numeracy and Learning

    Mike Brown is planning to go bushwalking with his two friends, Jacinta Gable and Hamish Donavon. They will set out at 9 am on Saturday morning the eighth of February two thousand and twelve. Mike and his friends are planning a 5-hour hike in the River Wild park. Mike is an existing member of the park and Jacinta and Hamish are new members. Complete the following form, ensuring that you:

    • Complete the date using numbers and not words
    • Complete the personal details for Mike and his group members
    • Indicate the expected time that Mike and his friends should leave the park
    • Indicate that all group members need a daily pass

    You will also be required to complete the following questions.

  • Park Entry Pass
  • Write your answer in number format not in words
  • Write your answer in number format not in words
  • Write your answer in number format not in words
  • Primary pass holder (existing member)
  • All names of other group members
  • Number of memberships required
  • You may use a calculator
  • Task 2 – Reading and Learning

    Mike and his group have been provided with this set of basic instructions for what gear to pack for their hike. Read the information, and then answer the questions.

    Check your gear

    Packing the right equipment makes the difference between a good experience and a bad one. If you pack is full of unnecessary stuff you’ll be carrying a heavy load and you won’t enjoy the walk. (As a general rule, around one-third of your body weight, depending on fitness, is a comfortable carry load for most people.)

    But if you leave essential gear behind to save weight, you risk discomfort and danger when weather conditions change.

    Correct bushing walking equipment is also important to help minimise your impact on the environment.

    Use our check list to make sure you’re carrying the right equipment.

    For your comfort and safety - Essential Gear

    • Good quality tent with built in floor and poles
    • Warm sleeping bag (kept dry)
    • Sleeping mat
    • Waterproof jacket and waterproof overpants
    • Warm clothing in layers (Fleece, thermals)
    • Spare set of clothes kept dry
    • Sturdy boot, woollen sock and gaiters
    • Gloves, warm hat or beanie
    • Sunhat, sunscreen and sunglasses
    • First aid kit
    • Map
    • whistle
    • Toothbrush
    • Torch and batteries
    • Lightweight, nutritious food

    Optional Gear

    • Satellite phone
    • Sleeping bag innersheet
    • GPS (global positioning system, electronic maps)
    • Rope or cordage
    • Notebook and pencil
    • Books or field guides
    • Camera
    • Camp shoes
    • Playing cards

    Fitting it in

    • All this needs to go inside a sturdy backpack with a full size plastic liner


  • 1. Mike is deciding which items to put in his pack. He is currently trying to choose between a First Aid kit or a deck of playing cards. Identify which item he should select for the hike and explain why.
  • 2. Jacinta will be responsible for GUIDING THE GROUP on the walking track. Identify one item or group of items from the essential list and one from the optional gear list that she should have in the pack to assist her in GUIDING THE GROUP and explain why you chose these items.

  • Task 3 – Writing and Learning

    You are required to write one short paragraph (50 words approx) discussing only one of the following topics. You are not required to be an expert on the subject you choose, so write in an informal, conversational tone (as though you are speaking to a friend). Pay close attention to spelling, grammar, punctuation and written expression.

    • Explain and provide reasons why you like or dislike hiking


    • Explain and provide reasons why someone should do an alternative activity on a Saturday morning. The activity can be any item of your choosing (play sport, cooking, visit family, read books, etc).
  • Task 4 – Reading and Numeracy

    During the hike, Hamish trips over and it seems his leg is broken. Jacinta determines that they should not move him and need to get help immediately. She has a map with their current location and manages to call for help on her walkie-talkie.

    Referring to the map provided below, answer the following questions.