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Scuba Diving takes you into a tranquil world that everyone should get to experience in their lifetime. Imagine leaving the stress of everyday life on land behind and entering the calming world beneath the surface.

Experience the feeling of weightlessness while you take in the beautiful blue expanse and discover some of the mysteries of the water for yourself.

Imagine gliding effortlessly in shallow or deep water just taking in the view and watching the sea-life go about its’ business. Scuba diving gives you the freedom to explore another world and see first-hand the hidden beauty below the water.

Let our experienced Divers guide you through this amazing adventure, and like us- let this first dive be the start of a love of diving, and all of benefits that come with it.

Scuba diving has many great health benefits- it’s fun, good fitness, social, and many people even say it helps them with muscle aches and the symptoms of anxiety.

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Blue Line Divers, in partnership with Adam’s Boat Course, is a PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) accredited training dive service.

We offer tailored PADI accredited courses ranging from Open Water (Basic Diver Course) to Entry Level Professional Courses. Blue Line Divers will work in and around your family and work schedule, to deliver you a premium service at a time that suits your busy life. We welcome all who are interested in learning to dive, and those who want to take their diving qualifications further to come and join us.

We offer a huge range of PADI specialty courses to take your diving to the next level including Deep (40m), Enriched Air Diving for longer bottom times and Underwater Navigation.

Courses we offer:
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Proud Supporters

Blue Line Divers has an open mind and experience in working with those who are returned veterans and those experiencing PTSD related issues and can work with you to ensure your experience is one to remember. We are proud supporters of Young Veterans and the Blue Ribbon Foundation.

Offering diving in Port Phillip Bay and in the Ship’s Graveyard (popular dive site ??), let Blue Line Divers open your eyes to some of the spectacular diving Melbourne has to offer. So start your diving journey today, and drop us a line and see what Blue Line Divers can offer you!

We have scheduled course dates and locations below OR call us to see if we can arrange a date that will suit you.

If you have any questions or would like to make a booking, get in touch with Clever Training today. Call us on 0422 993 844 or click here to use our contact form.