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Yes. Clever Training will come to your worksite and conduct onsite training for you. Please contact us on 0422-993-844 to discuss your needs.
The room needs to be large enough so that the group are comfortable training in the room. As a guide and depending on the size of the group Clever Training require the room to be 8 x 8 metres. The room needs to be carpeted (for kneeling on during practical components of the course), have heating and cooling and access to toilets and kitchen facilities.
You should wear clothing you are comfortable in. Consider that the training involves, standing, sitting, kneeling and a times lying on the floor.
A pen and pad to write, some lights snacks and a water bottle.
Yes, however you will need to supply the other organisation the certificate received from Clever Training and this will have had to have been completed within the previous 3 years.
Yes. All you will have to do is provide a copy of your Provide First Aid training certificate the Clever Training staff prior to the training date, ensuring the training was completed within the previous 3 years.
Yes. Please contact us to discuss those special needs.
Yes, because First Aid skills, knowledge and practice change over time. You will need to be training in the latest First Aid practices.
No. You must attend at a VicRoads Office and hand over the training certificate and pay the licence fees to obtain your actual licence.
12 months from the date it is received.
Transport Safety Victoria have rules for where a training course can be held. The premises must be a commercial premise, it must comply with OH&S requirements, have suitable toilets and a reasonable size to take into account the comfort and safety of students participating in the course.
We recommend you bring snack foods to each during the course, a black or blue pen, suitable identification (refer to Evidence of Identity page on this website) and the course fees in cash.
You will be given further training and retested again on the day of training. You can only be tested twice on any given day. No further course fees will be paid for further training and testing in the days following the course date. Further training and testing costs will be met by Adam's Boat Course.
The total course time is 4 hours. The first half a hour will be registration/Admin followed by three hours of training and then finishing up with thirty minutes of testing.